This app is awesome I'm a compound target shooter and hunter and it was fantastic to help set up both of my bows I would recommend it to anyone even if you don't do your own bow tuning its excellent to have the knowledge and the pro tips from Jesse and Jake are amazing two of the best giving advice who could argue that.

-Christoher Schnur

This app is awesome!!! It has ALL the information you need to get your bow tuned like a pro. In one afternoon I was able to get my 70 meter groups from 20" wide down to 7" wide (recurve)! Now that's what I call "bang for your buck". If you spend as many hours as I do practicing every day, you want to make sure that your bow is properly tuned so that you can concentrate on "you" and not worry that your equipment is "off". Get it... you won't regret it when your groups start to shrink!

-John Hall, Florida

Hunting Feedback

I was frustrated trying to tune broadheads out of my hunting bow. I tried everything I knew and nothing would correct the left impact. Bought the app, did as instructed and it corrected my flight immediately! Now my fixed blade heads impact exactly with my field points at every yardage.


International Feedback

This app is well designed and definitely will teach you something new to improve your shot or bow tuning!! A must have for archers who wants to be taken seriously! So far no problems encountered.

-"XL Archery," Netherlands

Very informative , Quite basic at the moment but great for intermedite archers who want to raise there game. And great for those that know the stuff to have it in one place. Don't waste hours searching the web for tuning tips when you can get it all here . Well worth the money.

-Abuchanan, United Kingdom

This app is great I've shot compound for over a year I can tune a bow great myself but this gives you all the extra wee bits that gets your bow perfect right down to creep tuneing and how to properly use stabilizers.

-Clyde, United Kingdom

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