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APPtitune is an archery tuning guide that is currently available on the iTunes market for your iPhone/iPod and iPad as well as on the Google Play market for all Android devices.

Learn the ins and outs of your equipment from the pros who are on the cutting edge of bow setups and tuning. In-depth coverage of many aspects of setup including; Limb alignment, Cam Alignment, Stabilizer setup, Group tuning, Torque Tuning, Broadhead setup, Vane Selection, Broadhead alignment and tuning, Hunting arrows, Bareshaft tuning, Walkback tuning, Paper tuning, Yoke tuning, Creep tuning, Third axis leveling and Arrow setup. 

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Multi-time World Champion Jesse Broadwater, Olympic Silver Medalist Jake Kaminski and Stabilization expert Greg Poole.

Learn from the best of the best featuring Pro tips that reveal the preferred tune and secrets each Pro has discovered in their combined 53 years experience.

Covering Recurve, Compound Target and Compound Hunting.

Available soon in 4 more languages; French, Spanish, Japanese and Korean.

© Jake Linde-Kaminski 2013